How To Have More Confidence

How To Have More Confidence

12/11/2020 7:42:30 PM

How do You can have more confidence!

Confidence, I believe, is something that you need to develop when I was young. I had no confidence when I first started to play football in the closest city in Nove Zamky.

I was the invisible kid. I was the kid that was sitting in the very back of the classroom. I would never put on my hand, never asked any questions. Cuz, I couldn't speak a good Slovak language on proper way.

The football language is the same, but I didn't know how to talk to people so I had no confidence. I would look on the floor I wouldn't make eye contacts with anybody because I was afraid to connect with people and I wouldn't talk to anybody I just go home and every single day was like that.


But I really loved playing football and as goalkeeper without talking with my defenders I could not play. I started to talk more and more and because it was not about the right pronunciations it was not about the right world order, my confidence started to grow.

I went as far, that when I went to London to study English and work I could not speak English at all, but after 4-5 month with basic English I started to teach at Secondary school.

I'm a walking breathing example of you can develop confidence. But sometimes will confuse confidence with arrogance.

You don't need to do that in soccer if you're a good footballer you don't need to do that.

You lose! The enemy is yourself with teen so off-track comeback confidence.

Confident comes from confidence how could you get confident confidence if you suck at everything you're not good,  at anything you don't have,  no skills you have,  no direction.

Of course you have no confidence!

Very simple, and the problem is in your life, the people around you. The role models that you have, not role models,, just the people around    in general.

Think about the people around you parents, relatives’ friends.

How many of them have confidence not the boney types, not those motion,

How many of them truly have inner self confidence condom not many and those are people around you. So you learn from those people of course you have no confidence,  but when you develop their skills, when you develop their confidence, when you're good at what you do you feel good about,  what you do you do more, what you do and people tell you that you're good, of course guess what then you get more and more confidence

When I was learning how to do speaking front of people, when I went to my very first meeting, I had no confidence.

I was so afraid. My face was pale. I was shaking outs reading from the strip and I couldn't deliver speech.

I was starter and I couldn't do it but I kept at it and kept at it and I kept at it and got a little bit better and it got a little bit better and it got a little bit better until one day someone from the audience told me afterwards Oh Szilard, it was a great speech.

Wow and once I hear more of that kind of validation more and more validation get build my confidence get my bill think of confidence like a  lights

And if you ask if I made some mistakes. 

Yes, of course. A lot of mistakes. But I build everything back and I get even more confidence.

You know what?

Now I could do this once I could do it a second time I could do that a third time.

I know for a fact, that I didn't create It, I didn't accomplish my success by default I created my success by design that gives me confidence knock on wood.

I believe I could lose everything tomorrow, I know that I could make everything back and more.

Not because the money because but because Who I am

How do I get that ……You get extremly good at what you do!

You have confidence!

How could you not have confidence when you're so good at what you do?

How do you develop confidence?

I cannot give you confidence

Watching netflix is not gonna give you confidence. You have to earn it by going over you mistakes your bad decisions.


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