Kasper Schmeichel improved his goalkick over age 15

Kasper Schmeichel improved his goalkick over age 15

5/25/2019 8:57:46 AM

Kicking Long Takes Time

'I myself couldn’t kick far until I was 16. I your technique is right. You will naturally kick further when your body develops. Different peoples bodies develop at a different rate' is what Kasper says

After Coaching Young Goalkeepers for more than 25 years I CONSTANTLY get asked by parents and young keepers why I cant kick it a long way !!!.. Parents and the Keepers constantly get frustrated about this

I continuously explain that at a young age it's more important to get the technique correct and not to worry about the distance. The Keepers who take this advice will know that all of a sudden the distance will come, I might take some keepers 2 months, 6 months or even 2 years, but it will happen.

It's just a fact of life that young people develop at different ages if its strength, balance or speed

So hopefully with a top Keeper like Kasper backing me up more young keepers and their parents will take note

So my advice is TECHNIQUE BEFORE DISTANCE AND THE DISTANCE WILL COME. You do not have to win the local under 9s league to be a GREAT keeper, build them from the bottom !!!!!

As always please contact me if you need any help or advice