Football Goalkeeper Workout, 6-weeks program

Football Goalkeeper Workout, 6-weeks program

10/18/2017 12:04:26 PM

It's a misconception that because soccer goalkeepers don't move up and down the field as much as other players, they might require less conditioning. That couldn't be further from the truth. Strength and conditioning for goalkeepers is extremely important, as they're expected to perform explosive movements at a moment's notice. Goalkeepers require a wide array of athletic skills to be successful—namely power, quick reflexes and great body control. Make sure your goalkeeper workout contains these important components.

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Power Training

Power is of great importance for goalkeepers, because the position requires them to make many explosive movements throughout the course of a match. Soccer goalkeepers typically perform all-out explosive movements like jumping, diving and kicking. To increase power, one must include strength training, maximal velocity exercises and drills that train explosiveness, like jumps and throws.

Quick Reflexes

The ability to anticipate and react is an essential athletic skill for all goalkeepers. They must react quickly to the movements of the other players on the field to prevent a goal. Reflex training involves training the ability to observe a stimulus, process the information, and react appropriately and rapidly. This type of training often involves situation drills that simulate scenarios that goalkeepers will likely experience during a match.

Kinesthetic Awareness

Body control is mandatory for goalkeepers to properly and effectively use the two aforementioned attributes (power and reflexes). Elite goalkeepers can react to a stimulus, adjust their body positioning accordingly, and change directions rapidly. To develop these attributes, goalkeepers must train fundamental movements in a controlled multiplanar fashion. This includes unilateral exercises, offset loading, and compound lifts. Try the following soccer goalie workout for six weeks during your off-season.

Goalkeeper Strength & Conditioning Routine 

  • Monday: Landmine Thrusters, Kettlebell Swings, Chin-Ups, Landmine Rainbows—3 x 8 of each
  • Tuesday: Jump Squats, Side-to-Side Jumps, Standing Long Jumps, 30-Meter Dash— 5 x 5 of each
  • Wednesday: Single Leg Romanian Deadlift, Curtsy Lunges, TRX Rows, TRX Push-Ups, Russian Twists—3 x 8 of each
  • Thursday: Medicine Ball Chest Passes, Medicine Ball Overhead Throws, Medicine Ball Rotational Throws, 30-Meter Dash—5 x 5 of each
  • Friday: Situation Reflex Drills