Welcome to my page :)
You might be wondering who I am... or you might know me and be curious about what I'm doing now. So, let me take you through it step by step... On the following pages, I'll reveal my experiences, describe my journey, and also explain what my project is all about.

Let's start with the fact that I'm a guy who, after many setbacks in life, decided to follow his dreams and start living life on his own terms.

As a teenager, I wanted to live differently than everyone around me. I wanted to have a success in sport, but never had enough self believe to reach my big dreams. Now, I live in the small village of Zemne, I have a son and a wife and daughter. I used to be a football goalkeeper and a teacher, but today, I'm a network marketer.

Looking back, I am grateful for every tough experience, for every setback, because they have shaped the life I lead today and the person I am proud to be.

I am a happy father who loves his family, but I also need to live my own life beyond parental duties. For my happiness, I need freedom, independence, and the feeling that I am doing things that make sense.

I am proud that I help people around me fulfill their dreams and desires, just as I do for myself. I show how to take care of oneself, to feel beautiful and happy in one's own skin. At the same time, I show how to successfully do business on social networks in a natural and unforced way, without spamming, cheap advertising, or cold contacting.

... how I can help you, how to start working with me, we'll look at that in the following lines.

You can LOSE WEIGHT with me, start COLLABORATING, are you interested in COLLAGEN or want to know all about the PRODUCTS? Watch out, I also have a BLOG where I discuss the products and issues that resonate with me :)